10 things that rocked my world this week...July 28

1. I can't believe I have been in this city now for so long. So many struggles, so many hurdles and I have to say that I feel stronger than ever! So, when I visit friends with amazing views I just sit and awe.  I'm beyond blessed to call this city home and I seriously get thankful each and every day. 

2. One thing about living in this city is that people that you love leave. It's heartbreaking BUT you get to celebrate with incredible dinner parties. One of my best girlfriends is moving back to the west coast and we had a lovely time together.
3. Back to another positive note about the city and the summers by the beach...carrying fabulous summer bags. I just love toting these babies around town. It's so very beach chic. 
4. My affections for mirrors in the kitchen is something I am obsessed with lately. 
5. Enough said, right?
6. These rugs. I want. I want. I want. Well, first I need a new apartment with enough space to put them in but yes...I want! 
7. My church rocks. Literally. the music is bananas. and my pastor. he is awesome. this weeks message on relationship really rocked my world. Sooooooo goooooood! 
8. Hello sequins aztec skirt. My girlfriend showed up to dinner with this cute little number on and I about died. I'm such a dork because I love the skirt, but I really want a pillow! BUY THE SKIRT HERE.
9. Lately I've been getting together with some fabulously savvy women and I love when we get together and talk business. Brainstorming, ideas, support, encouragement.  It's just awesome! 
10. Oh, yes. my favorite part of the day...sunset. It totally rocks my world.