10 things that rocked my world this week...JULY 21

1. Summertime in New York City. Long warm days full of sunshine and sometimes a bit of rain. The appropriate time to wear all of my brightly colored pretties I brought from LA. Endless taxi rides because the subway is too hot. Listening to my old school classic summer tunes en route to business appointments. Ah. The good days.

2. A very posh outdoor corner of TriBeCa. The walls are black, the gravel matches, and the killer street accessories are vivid greens. 
3. Words I strongly related to from this months InStyle magazine...
4. In the issue, they featured Cat Deely's home in LA an boy did I fall fast for her boho chic style. We all know how much I love LOVE so that art + the mirror, just stole my heart.
5. A true secret weapon of success. Notebooks filled with ideas and information. Mind just happen to always be in pink! 
6. A unique chandelier that graces the white walls in the beach house so perfectly.
7. A book you must own! Home is where the heart is by Ilse Crawford rocks my world! 
8. Every time I get to do a photo shoot of some sort, I just feel magical. Like a kid in a candy store for the very first time. I think the lights and cameras are just too cool. It's where magic, creative ideas and vision just comes alive! 
9. Since I am never in the car anymore except when heading to the Hamptons on the weekends, I have begun to cherish the long road trip. Great conversation, lots of music listening and stops to those quaint little small town stores. After a long week in the city, I just love these types of things.
10. A little advice for your weekend....