10 things that rocked my world this week...June 22

1. My love for photography as art is just beyond. I have a small obsession with outdoor photography like Slim Aarons and Massimo Vitali. I am quite sure I found the next hottest photog. Debby Hymowitz is a NYC based photog and I am seriously enamored with her work. I could use her work everywhere...

2. White sweater. Gold nameplate necklace. Coral polish. Tortiseshell sunnies. Big hat. My new favorite summertime look. This shot is fab!  
3. Ghost barstools just give such a sweet kiss to a busy kitchen...I'm so happy with these boys.
4. I love coffee talks and connecting with people in life who motivate, challenge and inspire you. Good relationships, whether friend or family, are such a blessing! 
5. Pink marble salad mixer. Hello.
6. I love the yellow in this chair. Its a perfect summertime look. These are at surf lodge in Montauk and are the perfect chairs for leaning back and taking in the view... 
7. Hello hydrangeas. Shades of purple just make summertime that much sweeter.
8. I fell in love with this beach house bathroom. White with gold fixtures, now that glam! 
9. Had a fun girls night in this pretty pink space and couldn't take my eyes of the pretty blush walls and that gorgeous turquoise bench. Glamtastic-ness! 

10. This video moved my whole world. I had never actually heard Oprah's testimony but after hearing this and how she cried out to Jesus, I just had chills all over. I encourage you to watch this and get a little inspired by life's magic!