10 things that rocked my world this week....June 17

1. It's fathers day!!!! I love my dad and he rocks my world every week! Have no idea what on earth I would do without him. This is us a few weeks ago when he came to visit me in NYC. We had the best time! I miss you daddy. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! 

2. This candle has been the absolute highlight of my week. I always try to remind myself that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...
3. I was lucky enough to spend a day in the Bronx with the kids from ELEVATE NY. An incredible, & non profit, in school mentoring program for high school kids.  Raising up the next generation is one of my hearts desires. I love it. 
4. Here is one of my dining alfresco moments I talked about...it was so beautiful and peaceful and incredibly delicious! 
5. I seriously thought these phones were extinct but when I spotted this old school cell phone, I freaked. Here I am totally channeling Kelly Kapowski calling Zach Morris. I didn't want to put this thing down...but it was a little heavy. 
6. This little brass LOVE statue completely stole my heart away. I am such a sucker for anything gold.
7. My most favorite place in the city. It's where I come to think, enjoy my coffee and people watch. It's so much fun in the summertime. I love new york. 
8. I'm a big fan of disco balls. I seriously love them and believe they always have a place in your home. One exceptionally large one brilliantly works in a Hamptons dining room.
9. I love when restaurants get cozy...Pierre's (one of my favorite spots for brunch in the hamptons) is so warm and inviting. Books, chandeliers, art + accessories to boot. It's like coming home. 
10. I always love a little something sweet and this chocolate fondue with marshmellows, berries, pineapple, bananas was out of this world good! Thanks to Ayza in the West Village, my week was rocked!