10 things that rocked my world this week. June 10

1. So far, the highlight of my week was at this beautiful place. The Surf Lodge in Montauk literally blew me away. The food was delicious and the view...incredible. Reminded me of where I grew up in Austin, Tx. I feel so at peace near the water, I needed this...

2. I finally learned the meaning of my name and it almost made me cry. I've been dreaming dreams and creating visions for myself from a very young age. Having dreams has kept me going after life and creating things. It's a blessing to continually be growing and learning. I love this.
3. I am one of those people that walks into places and freaks out about the decor elements. I walk all around, take it all in and take a picture or two. People must think I am crazy, but when I walked into Almond in the Hamptons, I almost died when I saw the fabulous Zebra Schumacher wallpaper. I've never seen it used in such a big space. It was absolute perfection! 
4. My friend Reno alerted me to the fact that in his google search for FABULOUS, my photo came up. How cool is that???
5. The fine people over at Valspar paint have noticed my affections for pink walls. So, we are doing a little make-over at my apartment and they are going to paint my apartment PINK. I am so beyond excited I can hardly stand it. I think I am going with ART DECO PINK. I love the name.
6. One of my readers spotted me in a local Malaysian decor magazine. GLAM DEKO MAG. So very cool. Anyone know where I can get a copy???
7. I seriously want this chesterfield sofa. In a deep jewel toned color. LOVE this number from Mitchell Gold Bob Williams
8. I am so very into crochet everything right now, being that its summertime and all. How cute is this little guy I found outside my apartment. I didn't take him because, well, I don't know where it has been but I do just adore his little magic. So charming.
9. I love gold and I love bananas. Couldn't get a better combo than that. JA kills it every time.
10. Why I love summer: windows down, music up, a little dancing action. Ellie Goulding makes it easy. High for this was like the sound track of our drive out to the hamptons...sooooo goood!