10 things that rocked my world this week...June 2

1. Memorial day weekend was such a fun weekend. The views around the city are just ridiculously gorgeous. I cherish the moments I spend viewing this beautiful place.

2. Memorial day was spend barbq-ing with my most favorite friends through the evening. An absolute blast. Summer is already off to a great start. How magical are all the lights?
3. I love this beautiful vintage photograph of a these beauty pageant gals. So vibrant and color, perfect for my little bathroom.
4. A better photo of my black and yellow bathroom. It instantly takes me back to my Hollywood days. Oh, how I miss that place.
5. Obsessed with my latest bling from my jeweler friend Mark Awad. This black and bling cross is bangin'! In love with it.
6. My client LOVES her new Cole + Sons bathroom wallpaper. I love it too. Looks uber chic. 
7. My new Soul Cycle tee. Ok, I am kind of a little obsessed. Does anyone else love spin as much as I  do?
8. I just have the best feeling about summer. So excited. #summeroflove
9. The anna coroneo party at Henri Bendel was so much fun. I love this girl. She is so fab! 
10. Dear Miami is definitely always my favorite song of summer!