Designer Crush: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

When I was younger I wasn't really in touch with my Spanish heritage (i'm spanish, hungarian and mexican). I have lived such an American life but as I got older, I became so passionate about my background and loved to study Spanish architecture and design. So in the April issue of Architectural Digest, I was so excited about seeing Spanish designer Isabel López-Quesada's home in Madrid...

I think its so beautiful! The rich vibrant pop of magenta really struck a chord with me. It sits so perfectly among the soft and neutral color palate of the home. The aqua hued glass and chrome walls in the bathroom really blew me away. Especially because the start modern elements are paired with rustic French pieces. I love the art of a good design mixture.
Oh, how this backyard has me longing to jet off to Spain and live there for the rest of my life. 

Images Simon Watson for Architectural Digest