Yesterday I took a seminar by Marie Forleo + Gabbrielle Bernstein. Such amazing + inspiring powerhouse women who shared the importance of getting your house in order. This phrase can have so many meanings but what I took from it was exactly one of my life's driving forces... "domestic bliss". It's all about loving where you live and loving what you have at home. So, I wanted to share with you collectors out there a way to keep your favorite things at home while still keeping your house in order...
COOL CALENDAR pullouts make an excellent guest bathroom wallpaper.
MANY MAGAZINES stacked with the white on the outside make black really work. 
ABUNDANCE OF ARTWORKS look fabulous on floating shelves, mixed, matched and layered.
GORGEOUS GLASS bottles collected over time are the perfect way to add botanics and florals to the home and looks best when displayed all together in different shapes and sizes. 
CHERSHED CHINA can be displayed with glass door cabinetry and be a wow factor in your home.
GINGER JARS look fab gathered together as a tablescape centerpiece.