Highlights of High Point Market...

 So, thanks to 220Elm, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to HPMKT (interior designers' fashion week) this last week. This year was probably the best market yet, I have never been around so much color and design deliciousness in my life.
I want to share with you a few places that really rocked my world...

The Bernhardt showroom blew me away, they are rocking a whole new fresh look this year and it was right up my alley. Arteriors is always my go-to for fabulous accessories and lighting and this year they blew me away with GOLD goodness! 
OLY is always a favorite of mine with ethereal, light, lovely pieces. I could spend all day in that showroom. C.R. Laine also was at the top of my list this year. The sofas and pieces that were going on in there were just oozing color and style. I came home with some goodies from that showroom.
 Hickory Chair is hands down one of the best showrooms to tour, their displays are always on point and the designers are always there to give you the true inspiration story behind the pieces. Such an amazing design experience to enjoy. I have too many photos to post so I suggest browsing the site.
I was on the hunt for some artwork for clients this year and Natural Curiosities had everything I was looking for and more. Gold artwork always wins in my book. You can never go wrong in hopping over to Made Goods, they are spot on with every accessory in the store. I could fill a home in 5 seconds with the gems from that place. Especially the mirrors and I love me some good mirrors! 
Worlds Away...always a favorite of mine and this year things were bigger and better. 
What would market be without the other amazing bloggers and designers there to get some good time with? Definitely not as good as it is. I love getting to meet the people in my industry, spend some really good time with  my best blog friends and meet new of the industries finest! 
I suggest checking out my industry besties on twitter for more gab on Market! 
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