10 things that rocked my world this week...April 21

1. The other day I was visiting one of my sweetest friends and her pillows were so stylish. Metallics mixed with moroccan style prints and fabrics...super swag.

 2. Now that its time for Spring Market (High Point Market is like fashion week for the interior designer world, just FYI). I'm so excited and have been planning my wardrobe, so I have been stocking up on dresses and this artsy pattern with bold hues just stole my heart. I had to have it. 
 3. Another pretty bedroom pillow collection of someone I adore and this aqua hued LOVE pillow is just a must have on my list! 
 4. Sarahbeth's...there is one in almost every area of the city and the breakfast is out of control delish!  Grapefruit juice and coffee are my summertime staples! 
 5. I LOVE spring in New York, the events are almost every single day and I have been enjoying all of the new art on the scene. So fun to attend and I loved wearing my plaid blazer...
 6. The special edition of domino magazine. It's packed with good pictures, big and glossy. I will just never tire of home style magazines.
 7. So, this week I have started a new project and paint selection is probably one of my most favorite parts. I love my job! 
8. In the spring, the coolest things just come out of the woodworks and get sold on the streets of new york city. I had to snag a few of these exotic baskets. So pretty and fun. 
9. I want this little settee. Like right now. The green color is so exciting! 
10. In the winter I walk around my apartment in uggs. Now that its spring I have been rocking this mexican style house shoes. Call me crazy but there is nothing like looking at bright pink patterns on he my tooties and pretty pink polish. Oh, the joys of being a girl.