NEW CONTRIBUTOR: Sheena & the city {C.Wonder FUL}

Since I moved to New York 6 months ago, I am inspired daily by commercial interiors. It doesn’t matter whether you are a traditionalist, addicted to sparkle, crazy for geometrics, nuts about deco, or a minimalist who prefers block colors - there is
something for everyone in New York City.
Have you ever walked into a hotel, restaurant, spa or store whose interiors are so gorgeous that you wanted to buy everything, including the light fixtures?  I know I have...
While everything you want to scoop up may not be for sale, you can
find a lot of what you see if you really hunt for it, and I am here to do just that for you!
From latticework chairs, to neon lacquered walls and gold animal ornaments used as jewelry display, the recently opened C Wonder store in Soho is a treasure trove for all things bright and bold, highly patterned and beautifully textured.  
It's a must visit when you come to the city.
Despite all the variety, you can get this high gloss, high glam look for your own home. Just follow my lead…