10 Things that rocked my world this week...March 25

1. My week in Florida was so nice and relaxing. Full of pink, sunshine and the most beautiful sunsets. My final piece of artwork for my client was so so pretty, I fell in love with it. See a behind the scenes peek at my creating process here...

2. This is mid way through the process of decorating. We have most of the furniture down and set and we just need to get the walls done and then styling accessories will commence.
 3. The brass in this place is just beyond fun and the more I look at this lamp, the more in love with it I am. 
 4. A very very good summery treat....strawberries are so pretty
5. Being able to run over to the nearest Target was so much fun. I was there for hours it seemed and I swiped up some super fun and color office supplies for myself.
 6. Brass unicorn bookends, an accessorizing gem! 
 7. The color of March...green and this glass collection was just breathtaking. I wish I could have bought it all.
 8. My new lucite printer stand for my office. I got several lucite items and I am so in LOVE!
9. Where I had dinner almost every evening. It was a pretty magical week.
 10. After an amazing week I came back to the city with this piece of wisdom. So good!