10 things that rocked my world this week...february 18

1. One of the best motivational quotes I have heard in a long time. I truly believe that you get what you give. I am so feeling on that right now...
2. This glitter artwork is a perfect piece for any hip apartment in this city. I think, YES!!!!!! Any New York domestic gal could definitely use to add some whimsy to her home decor like this. 
 3. I loved that Valentines Day was this week. Anything in the name of love just speaks to my soul. How cute are these kisses? I'm thinking of this for a bathroom wallpaper. Pretty perfect.
 4. This months House Beautiful green issue came out and it has been such an inspiration for me in terms of decorating in this fabulous city. Green walls in home decor are different and out of the box, I am very fond of the look.
 5. Okay, so  I have a new signature fragrance for this spring. GUCCI GUILTY is oh so delicious and let me tell you, everyone asks me what I am wearing. Gotta love that.
 6. One of my favorite new york decor stores in Modani. It's so much fun to get inspired for that Hollywood glam look. One wall had this amazing tufted look, I was floored. Want. it. now!
7. I gotta throw this in the mix...my church is sooo good. Rocks my world every single week.
I heart Hillsong NYC. Amen.
8. Oh wow. Diptyque Tuberose is one of my favorite smelling scents. Gardenia, jasmine and tuberose are my perfect trifecta of scents. I clearly am a girlie girl and I love it. If I could have any candle in my home, this one would probably be burning at all times.
9. It's been such lovely weather lately and I have been wandering the streets of the city. I stumbled upon this fabulous paper store in Chelsea and found these gorgeous wrapping papers. Completely made me think of India and how long I have been dreaming of going. So inspired!
10. Spring and sunshine are on their way to the city and I am just overly delighted about it! How I am counting down the moments till my favorite iced coffees can make their pretty way back to my routine...This week, I decided its okay to start a little early and OH MY GOODNESS...it was gooood!