I HE(ART) DESIGN: Resort Style

Hello everyone, Lynnette from The It Girl Project with a little mini-vacay for you. A very warm welcome to Ashlina, as she is in my neck of the woods...
She is on vacay in Vegas and LA this week. Yay! 
So now she has me daydreaming of summer and going on vacation. The style of photographer Slim Aarons pieces has always given me this same feeling. They exude this incredible stylish relaxation from the Palm Springs of a bygone era that I just love. You can get this style in your home for year-round relaxation.Musts to achieve this style: Bright, retro-inspired prints, furnishings with clean lines and absolutely, most definitely a fully-stocked bar cart ... after all, it's not a vacation without a cocktail in hand!

Fig. 1} Lamp
Fig. 2} Pillow
Fig. 3} Sofa
Fig. 4} Rug
Fig. 5} Bar Cart