I HE(ART) DESIGN: Happy Nude Year!

Happy New Year everybody! It’s Lynnette from The It Girl Project with a beautiful peaceful bedroom to start of a new year in a relaxed frame of mind. I’ve always loved this bedroom (which belongs to Domino’s one-time Style Editor Dara Caponigro and was featured in the book Domino: The Book of Decorating.

See that great sketch of a nude to the left of the bed...

 I have for years had this type of art in the back of my mind as something I’d love to find a place for in my own home. There’s an ease to it that is relaxing, but elegant and timeless – it is both modern and ancient and I love things that feel like that are perfectly in place now as they could be in a room in another time and place. So recently I spied this pair of sketches called “Spa Day” at Zgallerie – an amazing deal! 
Around these, I’ve designed a bedroom with a touch of modern, a touch of industrial influence and of course a touch of plush – a bedroom should always feel slightly indulgent.