10 things that rocked my world this week...January 29

1. Exactly 1 year ago today I arrived to New York City, bags packed and my whole world sitting before me. I had no idea what the next year would hold. Happy 1 Year Anniversary to me + NYC.
This was the first picture I took out of my new window...and my coffee mug. Just look at the snow!

 2. Green and gold together. Yes, this antique, glass light fixture just blew me away in person. I so wish I had somewhere to work with this...
 3. This metallic wallpaper at my fave local thrift shop is oh so glam. 
 4. My church has the most stylish people and this dapper dude was rocking a bowtie and I loved everything about it. So fresh.
 5. My mom sent me this fabulous vintage fur caplet and I am so in love with it. It's perfect over any cute sweater. I feel so very DALLAS in it. 
 6. Ok, I seriously have a crush on this bengal tiger rug from Nepal. I want one! 
 7. Black and white checkered floors in gorgeous New York City buildings just never fail to take my breath away. 
 8. Stop everything you are doing and visit Aquiesse and buy this candle. It might be the most amazing smell I have ever put in my home. Warm, cozy and inviting. I love it.
9. I love getting things framed, the selections are always so beautiful. I spotted these squared, studded-ish looking frames and I want to use them badly! 
10. my favorite sign in this city...hands down