10 things that rocked my world this week...January 21

1. Lately I am loving greenery. This collection of mixed styled pots + beautiful botanicals in front of my favorite brunch spot just floored me. 

 2. Pink and purple flowers are so femme fierce...I love them together.
 3. This collection of sea foam green glass candle holders is a must have for any window sill. 
 4. I don't know exactly what this is but drove by it on the UES I loved the green glowy-ness! 
 5. I often think about doing a book called the doors of manhattan. The details of the doors in this city are incredible, I am constantly snapping pics of the pretty doors. This red black and gold was stunning! 
 6. I love love love this LOVE pillow.
 7. Eden Manor, an amazing fashion boutique designed with panache by Ryan Korban...oh yeah! 
 8. This fireplace is like a blank canvas to me and I am just so ready to attack and give it some decor love.
9. I put up my test wallpaper and I am just loving it. It looks great against my black and white desk. But the ADD decorista that I am, I already want to move it around to another little nook.
10. This week I have been getting some great sleep and this cute little "breakfast at Tiffany's" mask is the reason. I just love it! Completely adds to my domestic bliss.