DIY Decorating...Ideas for holiday decorating with ornaments

Decorating for Christmas time is my favorite, it's my absolute favorite holiday. Unfortunately for me, my nyc apartment has no room for a big tree so I have a few clever ways to improvise...
I am in love with Christmas ornaments. They are sparkly, shiny and oh so pretty...I especially like the mini disco ball kind. So, this year I will be heading to my local craft store and gathering a bunch of sparkly ornaments. Here are a few things to do with them...
First, I love the idea of tying them to pretty ribbon, (I go with velvet) and hanging them from either lighting, hooks or anything that can be hung from.
Also, because I wont be doing a lot of baking myself, I will use my cake stands and hurricane vases and fill them with ornaments. I personally like to stick with a monochromatic look like below but any ornament colors will do. You gotta go with what you love!
I have never forgotten this awesome art piece done with green ornaments. So chic.
Also...I miss having an outdoor area. If I had a front porch with bench. This is how I would decorate it. Throw in some sparkly ornaments and its perfect holiday decorating.

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