10 things that rocked my world this week...the pre-christmas edition

 1. My week started off marvelously. I returned from Dallas only to return to a driver( who has become such a good friend) and this was his gift to me. He explained that after being here for almost a year, I deserve this badge of honor. Such a thoughtful gift...and its pink too! 

now for some pics around the apartment...
2. Working from home is such a gift but at times it gets hard to stay focused, especially with all the magazines you collect from the airport. I swear I always end up sleeping on the plane and reading the mags at home. They look perfect sitting on mirrored coffee table.
 3. One of my favorite pieces from Zgallerie finally arrived and I just love her. Female artwork is my favorite kind of art. Whether it be photography or portraits...there is something very vulnerable and sweet about it and I love that.
 4. My crystal skull makes me so happy. I don't know why but with my latest obsession with skulls, this one fits the bill perfectly.
 5. My bathoom. Yes it's black and I LOVE it. How great does this artwork by my friend Nancy look?
It's bright, bold and feminine. 
6. My art wall in the hallway. Trying to work with the intercom and circuit breaker box is always interesting in these small pre-war apartments but this one is getting to be pretty fun...
7. So, I am having a secret obsession with all things India lately. I have always loved vegetarian indian food, it's one of my favorite things to eat. Tofu & curry...mmm. The walls at this one particular restaurant really struck me, the women wear such beautiful colors, the people love bright and beautiful flowers and they appreciate chandelier scones, just like me! 
 8. Another restaurant I walked by had this as its wallpaper and these chic modern chairs. Way to go McDonalds in times square, way to be modern and step it up a bit. I LOVED the zebra walls. They inspired me for a little something new I am working on, that I cannot wait to tell you all about. 
(secret to be revealed after the new year)
9. My week up to now was so busy, I am working right up until Christmas day. Yesterday, I got a tour of a reupholstery factory right here in town. This particular place outfitted and custom creates all the furniture for big movie sets and my favorite restaurants in the city. (I got to see some pieces being created for some huge venues and boutiques...so cool)
We are going to do some work together and I really wanted to see what its like in the factory, so I got an amazing tour. 
10. It's literally less that a few weeks until my birthday and I just can't even believe how fast my 30th year went by. I must be honest in that I am a little nervous of the looming day. Thoughts and memories rush to my head when I think of it, and its kind of overwhelming. Then I read this neat little color horoscope from a cute little birthday book by Pantone I spotted in West Elm. Needless to say, I am back to loving my birthday and looking where to add more CANYON ROSE to my life!