Well hello all you Decoristas, it’s Lynnette from The It Girl Project here to share with you a new column about my love for art and decorating 2 of my most favorite things...

I majored in Art History, so art has always been something I’m keen to and there’s no doubt that the pieces you choose for a room have a huge impact on your décor. What you put on your walls says a lot about you
and your style – so it’s important to love what you dress your walls with AND to coordinate with
your décor. Just like choosing the perfect shoes and accessories to go with a killer dress,
building your room around a favorite piece of art is a source of inspiration
and the key to making it look like a professional designed it.

I’ll be back with this series on a regular basis, each time bringing you an inspiring new art selection and showing how you can build a perfectly coordinated room around it.
I’m calling it “I HE(ART) DESIGN” and I hope you heart it too!

I adore this painting by Jeff Depner – I’m super picky with art and this one just makes me ooh
and aah. I love the colors with the girly blush pinks and corals and how he mixes them in with
unexpected shades like cobalt and canary – and I always love a chevron. It’s bold and soft at the
same time and is perfect for setting the tone for a modern girl’s bachelorette pad with a playful
nod to retro chic.