COUTURE + COLOUR: Seductive Siilver

Happy Wednesday lovely readers! Morgan here bringing you some of my favorite silver items for this week's Couture + Colour!! Hope you're making it through the week just fine before the big holiday! 
1. I couldn't love this image any more than I pink lips, Chanel bag, tight metallic silver pants and a fur jacket!! I think by her pose she knows she's fabulous. She's so long hair and money.
2. I love a lot of Tom Dixon's products (that's why I was freaking out on the inside when I met him at ICFF) so it's hard to pick a favorite but I have been admiring his Bulb Chandelier, it has the right element of funk to it which I can always appreciate.
3. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before my love for antlers. This silver pair is perfection,  it's a great way to glam up a rustic look. 
4. On a trip in Munich, I walked past a store front covered in silver metallic mesh tiles, LOVED it.
My tip: cover your fireplace, store front, wall, entry or any flat surface with the shiny tiles! 
5. Say hello to my dream coffee tables by artist Erik Levy!! These babies are so amazing but their price not so much. They are super spendy but give the perfect amount of shine...oh, I'll never stop dreaming. 
6. Some may find this shiny silver hallway odd but I find it so beautiful! Plus the neon diamond light (another obsession for me) is so unique!
7. This silver ornate cabinet comes from another company I dream about owning pieces from...Jimmie Martin! Their products all have a very glam/punk/rebel vibe to each of them, but they are dramatic in their own right, so I can't help but adore it. I discovered this company from one of my favorite designers Abigail Ahern (love her funky style)!

Now you know a little bit more about me and the items that melt my heart! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and holiday!! Hope you enjoyed this week's Couture + Colour!
Until next week...XoXo