Hello all! Morgan here hoping you all had a fabulous Halloween! 
This week's color is one of my favorites... 
1. Elie Saab's Spring 2012 collection is rich with color!  The greens are incredible but when I saw this emerald beauty mixed with sparkle my jaw dropped! STUNNING! 
2. I have always loved the "tank" series from Alexander Taylor! This floor lamp brings in such great color to a space. 
3. This designer (unknown, if you know please tell me!) brought emerald in through the fabric on the chair and in the table. Simple splashes of color but it does so much for the room.
4. Emerald paint on the wall with a lovely purple juju hat to pop off the green!
5. This fabulous space was designed by my new boss Doug Meyer! He is a master of color (why I love him so much) and used emerald green perfectly in the sofa, chair and rug!
6. I looove these emerald green glasses from I would love to fill my cupboards full of these! Mint lemonade would taste extra heavenly from them. 
7. I used two of these Donna Wilson ernest zig zag pouffes
for a project except they were in black and white but I would love to use the ones in green sometime soon! Aren't they adorable?
8. I told you I love colored doors... this one is amazingly gorgeous! So chic it makes my heart skip a beat (a little rhyme for you all) image found via.
9. This coffee table from 1st Dibs is amazing and I need it now! Made in the 70's this electrified plexiglas and mirrored glass low table by Ron Ferri would be such a cool piece to have in any space! Maybe throw on a few of these Emerald Green Diamonds
 Emerald green electrified plexiglass?!! Yes please!
I hope you enjoyed this color and post as I mush as I do. Emerald is gorgeous and I can't get enough of it!!
Until next week...xoxo