Secret of domestic bliss #58...cocktail hour essentails

With the resurgence of 60's style all over our television and movie screens...
I just can't get over the domestically blissful thought of 'cocktail hour'. I just imagine Frank Sinatra and his pack of boys listening to crooner songs and laughing away. I can also remember as a young girl, visiting family in New York and instinctively knowing when it was cocktail hour during Christmas. The fire was a blaze and crackling ice made music to the edges of the beautiful crystal glassware.
Oh, the joys of cocktail hour.
So, as you all can imagine I relish the lovely decorations of the bar cart. Stunning glassware, beautiful dishes for nuts and the like, crystal decanters, all so glamorous. 
There is no shame in adding flowers to the vignette either, keeps it domestic and feminine. 
My two favorite words. 
Also, adding anything vintage really just tops it off to perfection.
Cheers to fall! 
image via belle vivir & pinterest