Morning lovely readers! My name is Dina and I am a design student here in New York. I am thrilled to share with you my decor perspective, starting today on my 
NYC Fabulousity Fridays. 
I'll be taking you on a personal decorista tour of the most fabulous city in the world....

As anyone who has ever spent more than a minute in New York can attest, this city is filled with fabulous. It is absolutely impossible to uncover all that is fab but I keep trying each week.  While Morgan will be covering couture and color I will be giving you updates on the amazingness taking place in New York and how this city continues to sharpen my design focus. 
For our first Fabulousity Friday I will be highlighting the infamous Rose Bar located too conveniently across the street from my apartment. Ian Schrager’s landmark hotel, The Gramercy Park Hotel hosts this fabulous lounge/bar where Rose is a common theme in decor and drinks alike (insider tip: the Rose and Lychee Martini is a must). 

My following fabulous finds for the week have all been inspired by the Rose Bar in one way or another. 

  1. Horns | While Rose bar is dominated by pink tones and cushy velvet, the bar still maintains a masculine feel making it a popular destination for both genders. Horns similarly are an excellent accessory to add masculinity to any space.
  2. Balinese Woods | Rose Bar is by far the sexiest destination in NYC, the place even smells sexy and I am not quite sure how to explain that, but I recently discovered Balinese Woods by Burn. The smell is intoxicating. Although Peony Blanche by Nest has been a longtime favorite I have been overcome by Balinese Woods AND it reminds me of Rose Bar.
  3. Tufted Blush Pink Velvet Sofa | This upholstered sofa is so glam and so versatile (pink? versatile- its true!). The soft blush color makes it an easy piece to pair with soft yellows and greys for a mature look or pale lilacs for a more girly ambiance. Add mirrored furniture to glam it up or accessorize with golds and brass to tone down the “girly” stereotype that pink is associated with. 
  4. Checkered file box | If you noticed in the image of the Gramercy Park Hotel, the floors are checkered black and white almost identical to the file box. The Rose Bar incorporates so many different textures, materials, shades, and elements yet the mix is totally ethereal- I am all about doing the same in the home to create ultimate domestic bliss. This file box is totally practical and fun to look at.
  5. Horse Photo | The Rose Bar is constantly circulating artwork although one can always spot a Warhol somewhere within. I recently discovered that Shine by SHO has a lovely collection of unique photographs. This horse one may be my favorite. 
See you all next week! Love,