I was never a huge fan of blues for interiors, but I love rich, bold blues in fashion!

    It wasn’t until my first apartment in New York that I gave blue a shot by painting my walls Brilliant Blue by Benjamin Moore.  After seeing how vibrant the walls were, I immediately fell in love with the color!

    1. Peter Som’s 2012 Spring Collection is fabulous with color. When I saw this ombre blue dress I knew it was the perfect couture inspiration image for this post. I would love to own this dress!! Is it me or does the model have a farmer’s tan on her leg??

    2. Check out this everywhere blue storage/shelving unit! It has a monochromatic vibe which is always a plus in my book!! Super simple by having it all one color but the simplicity is beautiful!

    3. This image is of my first apartment in the city. See how Benjamin Moore’s Brilliant Blue makes everything pop? I loved it. Every time I walked in the door I felt happy to be home, and I know my blue walls had a big part to do with it! 

    4. has some amazing wallpapers! I’m dying to own this blue porcelain wallpaper one day! How amazing is this paper?! If you love the look of plates on the wall but hate the thought of them falling or even having to put them up, this paper solves your problems! Plus you don’t see this paper very often which makes it unique.

    5.   I have always loved this gradient blue side table by Paul Loebach. Four shades of blue were used to create an ascent of saturation from floor to the table top.So cute!!

    6.  This all blue chair comes from one of my favorite Etsy shops – Metrosofa! I think this blue vinyl French antique Louis armchair would fit into any room perfectly!!! This chair is sexy, it’s covered in blue!

    Whether you paint the walls brilliant blue, bring the color in through wallpaper or furniture it is a color that is guaranteed to give some character to your space. It is bold and beautiful, this color has changed my ways on blues in interiors!

    Until next week… xoxo!!