10 things that rocked my world this week! October 22

1. I truly am grateful when people take the time to come around and see where I live and write about it...like I am important or something. Thanks to Netrobe for this fun article.

 2. My very very favorite person was in town with me all week from LA and I honestly had the best week in NYC so far. It's so fun to show someone around town, makes me feel like a veteran.
 3. Yes, the people who love New York, LOVE New York. It's kind of like a Texas mentality...I'm so into it. It's just one big LOVE FEST!
 4. A very very sweet Trader Joe's card. I love getting and giving cards in the mail. 
 5. 16 handles fro yo in off the charts good, I have my very first one this week. So incredibly yummy.
 6. This quite possibly be one of my best discoveries this week. The organic green tea is simply divine.
 7. One day I had my crew of contributors at the local starbucks. Since we were having so much fun, the staff gave us some cookies to enjoy. The sweetest things.
 8. Its getting cold around these parts. I am starting to warm it up in my apartment with my faux fireplace.
9. I am needing. wanting. loving. these marvelous shoes, but I have no idea where to find them. I saw the pic and they had me at hello!
10. So, tomorrow I am off to High Point Market (its like the superbowl for designers). Stay tuned and follow me because I will be tweeting, pinterest-ing and facebooking it all up so join the fun!  Super jazzed to be toting around my new sweet leopard travel roller bag, courtesy of the fine people over at BungalowCo