10 things that rocked my world this week! October 1

1. Being that fall is here, there is something more magical in the air...which is why these long, beautiful white feathers have made the perfect addition to my fireplace mantle decor. So ethereal and feminine, I just adore them.

2. This week was foodie heaven. Went to a super cool event at The Standard Hotel with Chef Eric Ripert where he dished about food. Was pretty fun.
3. These green babies are the apple of my eye right now. I love the way these would look with my favorite black dress. 
4. Kind of obsessed with reading my magazines in bed with  my new fab BRAC tray from Busso. Its lavender, so its the perfect mix of girlie and modern.
5. This leopard covered case piece I spotted in Milly boutique on the upper east side completely captured my heart. Inspired me for something I am working on. 
6. I love pink roses + I loved displaying them in my new trophy shaped black glass urn. Etched on the front is a beautiful scene of romeo and juliet. LOVE BIRDS. i love it.
7. One of my favorite things about fall: adding leather to the bed. So soft and cozy.
8. Ryan Gosling has just stolen my heart with his acting chops lately. He is looking good and playing great roles. I'm into it.
9. Pumpkins are here. It makes me so happy. They are all over the streets with such fun colors and faces.
10. I have to admit something to you all, I am the girliest of girls, this is true but I do love me some football. Yay for fall!