secret of domestic bliss #57...a painted dresser

Oh how refreshed I am now that the Adore Magazine photoshoot has wrapped. I will fill you in on all of glamorous details later. For now, I am getting my day ready to attend a few events. One being the NY Spaces, top 50 designers of NY soiree...Should be pretty fun to see and mingle with some of my most favorite designers. What ever am I going to wear?
While, that is extremely important, the matter at hand today is my dresser....

A while back I found an amazing vintage dresser with beautiful details but I left it all wood, because the craftsmanship is just perfection. Then, I spotted this gorgeous yellow dresser in this photo and almost died. It brought me back to several photos of painted dressers that stole my heart and I realized that I love color and painting my dresser might just put the gorgeous finishing touch on my room/apartment.
The purples on these dressers are just so delicious, I am questioning whether or not I should use one of these gorgeous hues. 
I really love this blush pink's such a pretty shade.
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