office space of the day...creative clutter

I am seriously so wiped out from all of the festivities and events of the past few weeks, I need to take a long, long nap. Unfortunately, it seems as they say about New York City, it never sleeps. 
 My clients home is getting photographed today and I can't wait to show you guys the photos, its outrageously gorgeous, you will die when you see it! We also are cooking up a big entertaining feature for the magazine too....

industrial red desk + gorgeous moroccan rug + inspiration board + retro wood chairs + yellow trunks=
domestic bliss
With all the madness going on in my life, things are a little scattered at the moment. While I prefer things organized and orderly...part of me feels that there is something so magical about the clutter of creativity.
P.S. Be sure to follow on Facebook as I will be posting "behind the scenes" pics from the shoot! 

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