10 things that rocked my world this week! September 23

1. So my favorite fabric store, Wolff, had this amazing tufted blue sofa that just took my breath away. The perfect seating for a showroom floor. Fabulous! 

 2. This week my obsession has been cakestands, candleabras and disco balls on the tabletop. 
 3. I love stumbling upon the cool graphic sidewalk art on the city streets. I love this one in particular. I started volunteering in the neighborhood because of this sign. 
 4. Street fairs at night are probably my new favorite thing. Romantic and really fun all the same time.
 5. The NYDC had the What's New What's Next event this week and it was awesome! Super informative and packed with  my favorite industry people. I love the energy of the interior design community in NYC. So much fun! 
 6. Went to the Yankees stadium twice this week. Watched Mariano Rivera break a record and A. Rod do his thing. I am now a total Yankees fan. I even got myself a cute little tee.
 7. If you ever visit NYC, you must visit the High Line. Such a beautiful walk and view. The history in this city is just intoxicating and I love taking it all in.
8. This week I haven't stopped stalking VandM.com, so my new favorite website for fresh vintage finds. 
9. So, I am a firm believer that every home should have a bust in it. However, this amazing shockingly blue photo of David will suit my apartment just fine. I love how bold and graphic it is. Sexy.
10. Spotted this gorgeous gold mirror and almost died. The detail is oh so sophisticated and I wanted it baaaad. Too bad there is no room in my teeny little apartment and thank God for my blog, because posting a picture of it makes me almost feel like I own it.