10 things that rocked my world this week! labor day weekend

1. By no means am I endorsing this, but don't you just love the old, retro glass coca cola bottles. The Soho house serves them to you with a straw. I love it! 

 2. My sofa finally arrived. It fits perfectly in my little swanky pad and is probably the most comfortable leather sofa...ever! 
3. Thanks to my amazing Facebook friends for helping me choose the color of my sconces...
 4. I put them up on my fireplace wall and have fallen in love with them. So very old Hollywood glam.
5. Was lucky enough to be invited to the US Open to watch some REALLY good matches. It was my first time to go and I had such a fun day. Definitely something worth doing! loved it.
6. Went to a wedding over the weekend, which was at the most beautiful mansion I have ever seen in upstate New York. It was literally one of the best weddings I have ever been to. GORGEOUS! 
7. The entire mansion of the wedding was covered in candles. I love the look of glowing candlelight all over a home. So romantic and sweet smelling.
8. I love elephants, by far my favorite animal. I found this super cool huge elephant ring and just had to have it. Not sure where I will wear it but it was way too cute to pass up.

9. My best friends came to NYC to visit me for the weekend. I love being a hostess and having people come visit me in this amazing city. Such a blast to show them my new neighborhood and new apartment.

10. I saw this quote and thought of all my friends that I adore so much...love you all!