10 things that rocked my world this week! august 20

1. I painted stripes in my new apartment hallway and I am absolutely enamored by their style and swagger. Feeling super good about my decision. 

 2. The NYIGF was pretty cool, I went like 3 or 4 different times just incase I missed anything. The last day was fun because they actually sold things off the floor so my clients and I snagged up a few goodies. I really wanted this super playful poodle lamp, but it was sold before I got to it. bummer.
 3. I have the coolest Super in the entire world...(for those of you who don't live in NYC, your Super is sort of like your building handyman). His name is Allen and he is probably in his 80's and used to be a big Hollywood actor guy. He gave me this cute keychain as a housewarming gift. gotta love the guy.
 4. Honestly, how cute is this plate I found at UrbanOutfitters? Who could love anything more than french fries...or in my case Sweet Potato Fries. 
 5. Since exploring around in my new neighborhood, I have found the most fabulous antique stores I have ever seen. One of them had this collection of rose gold outdoor light fixtures that just took my breath away. I could just picture it....glossy black paint + rose gold beauties = bliss
 6. Did I mention that my new apartment is literally 2 blocks from Central Park? I am so so so in love with the magic of the park, its the perfect anecdote to crazy city workdays.
 7. I'm slightly obsessed with pressed butterflies...and my local Housing Works had this cute cute cute piece. Had to snag it. 
 8. Oh, how you can take the girl out of Hollywood but not Hollywood out of the girl. I went crazy for this collection of old hollywood movie photos in antique silver gold frames. Looked stunning as a focal wall. 
9. Gray and Gold metallic cowhide rug......say whaaaaaaaa? Gorgeous! 
10. Had my very first ever TRENTA starbucks iced coffee. Holy cow the thing is huge. Don't you just love the way soymilk melts down into the coffee? I adore that marbleized look, especially when it comes to decor.