10 things that rocked my world this week! august 13

1. Lots of big changes this week. One of the most important...I took the jump, signed a year lease and decided to stay in NYC for at least one more year. Moved into my very own apartment that I am just crazy for. All the way from Gramercy to the Upper West Side. I am obsessed with my new neighborhood. 

 2. Spotted this beautiful CD cover in line at Starbucks. I love this quote...so true.
 3. Metallic silver packing tape makes packing boxes and moving utterly glamorous! 
 4. Making memories with old friends was one of the best highlights while back in LA (flew back for a few days to work on a new project and catch up with my LA people). This is a reaction face after sharing my adventures in NYC. 
 5. Stopping by Santa Monica for dinner at Sushi Roku by the beach. Ah, the sushi in California just felt as good as Thanksgiving dinner. Oh so yummy! 
 6. Needing one of these fabulously large straw tote bags. Perfect for all my decorating equipment.
 7. I am not really superstitious per se, but I do love me a good lucky penny! 
 8. These lovely black and white striped glasses are my muse for my new apartment. I am so completely in love with black and white. Especially stripes, I just cant get enough.
 9. This gorgeous pair of gold wall sconces is absolutely breathtaking. I am dying for a client to snag them! Such a steal of a price too! 
 10. Candles Candles Candles. I love candles. Especially when they come in bright, yummy packages that just make me smile. So pretty!