10 things that rocked my world this week! july 9

1. Blazers in the summertime. Yes, thats what I love about my week back in California, I got to wear my cute white mini blazer over a cute dress. In NYC that would never happen, I'd be sweatin' something serious. 

 2. Pool time. I am back to my dark skin color, thank goodness. I feel so incomplete without my vitamin D. 
 3. I got the best cards over the weekend while I was visiting my family and friends. My sister asked me to be her maid of honor in the sweetest way...and this card was part of the magic. (the words are too good)
 4. Did I mention that I love palm trees? Well I do, and the very thought of them just brings a smile to my face. I get giddy with happy memories of the laid back vibe of this lovely city.
 5. Beach cruisers, yes this is how to roll around the streets of palm springs. What happens though, is I want shop but can't imagine going back with bags on a bike. Keeps my pocketbook full ;) 
 6. Home made lattes. Yes, I am obsessed with espresso machines lately, that foamy goodness is just made for me. 
 7. The more succulents in my life the better. Went by this adorable venice beach apartment with over 30 different succulents just on the front patio. It was succulent heaven. 
 8. B.Hills. My old stomping grounds. Everything is yellow and white striped and I just love it. Reminds me of Troop Beverly Hills, the movie. A very favorite of mine.
 9. This adorable crochet sign made my heart melt. Very boho, california, 70's chic. Had to have it. 
10. I spotted this gorgeous work of a nude woman holding up her hair. Reminds me of one of my favorite paintings ever. I love the look of beautiful nudes in feminine bathrooms. Very french chic.