10 things that rocked my world this week! july 16

1. I love it when art meets fashion. What's better than shopping at Intermix in nyc while checking out the latest art works by my girl Nicole Cohen. Brilliant idea! Her work is so colorful and fabulous, perfect for summer. (you can see some in the background on the walls. good stuff!)

 2. My new journal cover. I absolutely love this quote and the colors and font are so pretty.
 3. I finally learned that I can make my own TheDecorista Icon for my iphone. So, I can easily access my site. Love love love the iphone.
 4. Speaking of love. I had my very first macaroon. Dee-lish. I have always loved the way they look, but I am funny about eating candy colored things. I was pleasantly surprised.
 5. While visiting my girl Jessica's (ID 810) office, I got so inspired by this sorbet inspired wall color palate. pretty pretty pretty.
 6. Empty vintage perfume bottles in the restaurant bathroom. Genius idea, no? So glam.
I suggest every girl do this to their bathroom immediately. 
 7. Neon pink and neon yellow is my color combo of choice this week. Who doesn't just love neon in mid-july right? Exhibit A: the bff's nail polish + sandal combo, incredibly stylish.
 8. Exhibit B: old school ray ban style shades, in neon pink and neon yellow. Best 8$ I could spend this week.

 9. Holy chic-ness. Found these black and white striped magazine holders at Barnes and Nobles. These are perfect for stashing all of my favorite mags. Love!
10. Bringing it back to the old school with Dorothy Draper (the coco chanel of decor, for those of you who don't know her) and Decorating is Fun! This is my ultimate summer read! 
 Bonus: Me sporting my new neon yellow shades. I can't get over how fun these are to wear.
Neon = happiness!