the Art of Living... bringing home Hollywood

So I just want to let you all in on something that I got today that just warms my heart. This gorgeous Sophia Loren print is going in my new cozy bedroom. It looks amazing framed in white and on my muddy gray walls. I can't stop staring at the photo, its perfection.
It got me thinking of my love for vintage photography and I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite to get you inspired. Hollywood photography in a home can be very chic and give a room an entire mood change. Photography can conjure up emotion, which is essential for achieving domestic bliss! (I fondly remember NKTOB posters on my wall doing the same thing for me as a young girl.yes mom, I will always love you for doing that for me). For some, rock and roll shots give a bit of edge and for others old hollywood starlets add a touch of glamour and romance. Whatever your preference, I say go for it, you can't go wrong. 

designer ryan korban uses the BEST vintage hollywood looks.
i love this audrey shot styled by windsor smith.