10 things that rocked my world this week! june 25

 1. Happy Lee Lee! My really really close friends call me "leelee" and when I laugh, I laugh LOUD. They call it "happy lee lee laugh". NYC has been more than enough in terms of work, life, etc. It has been a while since I have had a long, LOUD laugh and this pic captures it. I love that. I've got to remember to laugh more.

2. Red fluff and studs. Flamboyant pillows are just taking my breath away lately. West Elm has some really good gray furry pillows on sale right now. I am contemplating buying them for my new bed. 

 3. Finally visited the new Home Goods on 99th and Columbus. I spotted these love frogs and oh my gosh I just fell in love with them. So funny and cute, they are clearly obsessed with each other. Now, this is the kind of thing that makes me laugh. 
 4. Glitter paper!!!!!! I love craft stores for all the glittery fun goodies. I could be in there for hours on end. No lie.
 5. Swarovski crystal headphones. I would love to be running around town jamming out to these with my favorite tunes, however I might look a wee bit ridiculous. 
 6. An Anna Coroneo kiss print sundress. gotta have this pattern in my life stat. 
 7. Love has got to be my favorite word in the world. Everything about it is just good, good, good. And there is nothing like a metallic love pillow in the bedroom to say it! 
 8. Picking out the perfect paint for our new apartment was very fun. We had out all our decor mags and paint samples galore. I love love love decorating!!!!! 
 9. Since we didn't have internet for our first week in the apartment, we had to hit up our neighborhood library and get online. We got rained in one day and it was the most beautiful office space view EVER! 
 10. Nothing like unpacking your old issues of domino while decorating your new place. Priceless.
BONUS: This last week, my sister, best friend, soul mate, love got engaged!!!!!!!! This literally rocked my entire world, could not be happier for her. talk about life's blissful moments.