10 things that rocked my world this week! june 18

1. Mel and I on the terrace at the NYC Crave party book launch.  Such an honor to be involved with the women of CRAVE. I really love to be around other young, stylish and savvy and extremely creative business women. Was lovely to meet so many sweet new entrepreneur girl friends.

 2. I'm so bummed this photo is such a blur, but I met with a super charming guy over at House Beautiful and he was rocking some gingham and plaid tie action. It was so dapper, I just loved his swagger.
 3. I finally found my favorite hair salon...Alibi in Soho...hands down the most fun and stylish place to have your hair done. I love love love being in that chair having them play with your hair and they even give you some massage love too!
 4. This mural at my local nail salon literally had me feeling like I was in Italy for a moment. I quickly realized that I am serious need of a European vacation. Sigh.
 5. How cool is the geometric-ness of these handbags? I don't know that I would necessarily carry these bags but I am obsessed with the graphic, futuristic look. Very into it right now. 
 6. A stack of the CRAVE NYC books. Silver, shiny and bright, love them. You all must have a copy. Email me if you want to get your hands on a copy.
 7. Okay, 1 of 2: I am obsessed with everything NEON. 2 of 2: This neon sign place in TriBeCa is absolutely rocking out it. I fall head over heels for anything 80's neon-ish. love.
 8. Gray grasscloth wallpaper + dark gray and silver metallic hexagon patterned plush headboard. Um......YES! 
9. A new favorite moment of life...enjoying the rooftop view (the fact that I spy water is ever so joyful for me...i miss the beach badly!) and listening to THIS song is ranking top on the list. (don't mind the video...its a bit weird)
10. There have been certain people (you know who you are...so thank you!) in the past few weeks who have been such sweet and supportive friends through several life changing events....one of them is Dagny, one of my first blogging friends ever! She is from Norway and she was visiting NYC this last week for her super cool high level job. We finally met in person for the first time. My scandinavian BFF. I love love love her!