10 things that rocked my world this week! june 10

1. Some of my most inspired moments in life look like this...and someone very very cool captured a photo of it. :)

 2. So I've been shopping for paint colors for the new apartment. Gray is on the map, it's my obsession. I think I am gonna go really dark gray. 
 3. The Barbie install down at a shop in Soho is just rocking my world. Takes me right back to being a young girl again. Too fun.
 4. Morrison Hotel, quite possibly the coolest photography store ever, has the most amazing collection of vintage rock photography. I could sit in there for hours and re live the music memories.
 5. My favorite pattern of the moment. Geometric, graphic, symmetrical goodness all in one.
 6. This amazing metallic gold vase from Dune showroom honestly is my weakness. I need it so bad.
 7. The heat in NYC has me already jones-ing for fall and fabulous fall patterns. These Ralph Lauren plaids are outrageously pretty! 
8. Went hiking in cold springs, new jersey. I needed to get out of the cement jungle and see greenery, mountains and beauty. Makes me miss California oh so much! 
 9. Obsessed with the "arabian nights" feeling I get from this gorgeous pink pillow.
10. the city streets. It's too hot for the subway, I'm in too much of a hurry to wait for a cab. I've been braving these streets with long walks and finally at sunset...i fall more in love with this city.