10 things that rocked my world this week! may 29

1. Meet Alex. My client. People always wonder (I get many emails from you amazing readers) how I manage to get clients. Well, I met alex in the dressing room at Bloomingdales. After a bit of chatting, she let me know she is opening a children's boutique called Piccolini in Nolita (the cutest neighborhood). When I told her about my blog and what I do, she hired me on the spot! We have become such great friends since then...I love empowered girls, we are taking over. 

2. So, here is a pic of our progress. The walls are super chocolate brown, yummy. We are finishing up with white molding throughout and hints of green. Will show more photos as we go.
3. I got a beautiful book in the mail (stay tuned for a great book decor giveaway) and fell in love with the thank you envelope. So pretty and put together. I love those kind of packages in the mail.
4. Oh yeeeeeaaaaah. New York is hot! Like really hot, and from what people keep telling me...it gets hotter! goodness. I have found my ultimate treat for cooling off in the city, Aroma Cafe frozen minty limeade. Delicioso! 
5. Soho street fairs. So rich with pretty colors. gotta love em.
6. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this pretty cross in lights. There was an altar for St. Anthony in the middle of the city. Never a dull moment walking these streets. 
7. Housing works rocks my world. It's pretty much a wonderful way to spend your day...thrifting. I happen to be obsessed with the book section. 
8. The James hotel rooftop is such a fun little place to cool off after long hot days. It has a gorgeous view, gorgeous pool, and super fun little bar/lounge area with great decor. If my camera (i phone) could take pics in the dark I would have loved it even more.
9. Brunch at Essex. Probably some of the best food I have ever had in my life. AND some of the best people watching ever. good times.
10. Last but not least. This video absolutely ROCKED MY WORLD THIS WEEK! Enjoy!