10 things that rocked my world this week! BlogFest2011

1. Oh blogfest 2011 was such a great time. I especially loved meeting my fellow bloggers (in photo: madebygirl, thezhush, studioten25, hellosplendor and me), such great friendships were made this week. Super duper fun!

 2. I love girls who love jewelry. This came out of a tiny little package, banging out the bling for all the girls in the hotel.
 3. This chair I saw at one of the showrooms, killed me softly. I fell instantly for the juicy brown leather-ness. Mmm.
 4. If you have ever been to beauty and essex on the lower east side then you know this fabulous blue wall. I fell in love with this vintage shop/bar/restaurant. Oh my goodness, the decor in this place blew my mind. 
 5. Mostbangin'est is hands down my favorite dj ever. His music and mixes are bangin'. I loved hearing his music this weekend. 
 6. Okay, seriously, bloggers are the best! I had so much fun getting girl time in with these gorgeous and fun ladies. (in photo: sketch42, me, knightmoves, life.style, kellylmoore, elements of style) Girls, I seriously adore you!!!!
 7. Most of you will recognize these faces. None other than the people who will be dominating our design field in major ways! Can't wait for fun collaborations.
 8. The penthouse at 6 Columbus is seriously UHmazing! Wow, I just reveled in the sweetness...and the delicious bed. So relaxing!
 9. The caramel popcorn at the restaurant in the ACE hotel is killer. Such yummy goodness and in the most adorable little packaging.
10. Had such a fabulous dinner at Dos Caminos Soho with blog buddies Studio M (michelle + eric are my favorite) and Jonathan Legate. LOVED!