10 things that rocked my world this week! april 30

1. Had a blast at the Ralph Lauren party with one of my favorite New Yorkers, Melanie. 
(Yes, I am carrying my DECORISTA tote bags from Luxury Monograms, i'm obsessed with it.)

2. I found this lovely quote in Charlotte Moss's new book and my heart skipped a beat because this quote    reminds me of the birth of my blog.
3. I am currently living downtown nyc, near the sea port and I have been going for runs by the water and the beautiful bridges every morning. It's heavenly.
4. I have decided that leopard print china is my new signature dining look. Loves.
5. Dessert for breakfast is the way I think I am going to spend the rest of my life. Berries and cinnamon are such a yummy combo!
6. Almost everywhere I go in the city has the most amazing + grandiose chandeliers...I can't help but snap photos of them, they are my favorite things in the world!
7. Rooftop brunches in the city are absolutely the best way to spend the weekends. 
8. Oh yes...rooftop lounging means sunny weather and that means flip flop time. I am so excited to get some sunshine in my life, you have NO idea!
9. Oh. my. word. I am so thankful that Skype was ever invented. Being so far away from my family is hard and lately we have all been skype-ing and I am loving it. Grandma thinks its the coolest thing in the world, love her. 
10. I mean, come on. The royal wedding. I had to add it. This was absolutely the highlight of my week. I  have been watching everything Will + Kate. They have the best love story, I just am living vicariously through them. And of course that dress.....sigh!