10 things that rocked my world... the NYC edition

1. Getting together with my favorite ladies for a week of mag launch parties. 
2. Serious bonding time with the ladies of Rue (anne, crystal, cassie, bri).
3. My new lovely little rosette clutch from H &M that has gone with me all over the city.
4. A pair of black aviators I got at a nice little 99 cents store, they frame my face perfectly.
5. The magical world of ABC Home...the oversize jewel toned rugs took my breath away.
6. A lovely dinner party thrown by the talented Kelley Moore was a night to remember. 

7. Unlimited Subway metrocards are truthfully a lifesaver when running late.
8. The perfect way to spend the day when its snowing...inside a fabulous fabric store.
9. Celebrating our birthdays over fabulous desserts all over again. Nothing better.
10. Essie nailcolor, A Splash of Grenadine, is the perfect pick me up for the snowy days.

I'm having such a blast here in NYC...so happy to be here.