SIX TO BLISS: the maureen toribio edition

 Who: Maureen Toribio
Where: Austin, Texas (my hometown!)
What: owner and founder of Inglenook Decor online shop and blogger to boot!

I just think Maureen is a doll I am sure you all will love her style as much as I do.
Here are her SIX TO BLISS...

1. Cafe au Lait. I never start the day without's so good, especially with beignets!

 {via Food Network}

2. Beautiful living things. I think every table or countertop just looks so refreshing with fresh cut flowers, herbs, succulents and my new faves, air plants! They're at my home office, side table and the patio.
 3. Stacked books. I love reading! Doesn't everybody? Books are decorative things as well especially if there's something adorable on top of them!

 {via Restyling Home by Kelly}

4. Inspiration Boards. Getting inspired is way easier when you can see it. They seem almost real when you see pictures of them.
 {via Carolyn Peeler Typepad}

5. Anything white.  White plates, white candle holders, white sheets....I'm such a sucker for whites. It's so elegant and serene. Too bad my fiance's not too much into white. The next house should have an extra room I can make my "pure" room. Don't you think it just looks so adorable with lime green hydrangeas? My fave flower by the way!

{via Country Living}

6. Courtyards. They're so romantic. I wouldn't mind it if it has cobblestones, ivy creeping on walls, a fountain. When in restaurants, I always choose the outside if they have a fresco dining is the best!

{Ty Larkins' courtyard via House Beautiful}