SIX TO BLISS: the linds B edition

 Who: Linds B
Where: Boston, Mass
What: an adorable lifestyle blogger who blogs at everything LEB

This girl is so adorable + cute, you will hardly be able to resist her blogging and her six secrets of domestic bliss... 

#1 Loved ones artwork- I was blessed to be born into a family with a very talented Grandma. She was an artist and always creating beautiful works of art inspired by her world travels. There are hundreds of them spread throughout the family and I am the proud owner of the ones you see here.

#2 Throw pillows and blankets- there is nothing better then curling up on my sofa with some pretty throw pillows and a blanket after a long day of work or on the weekend. It might just be my favorite place to relax in the world.

#3- Fresh Flowers- I know a lot of people have said flowers, but its so true. There is no better secret to domestic bliss then having fresh flowers grace your home.

#4 Organization- I have a thing with organization. Having labeled boxes and places for everything is my complete domestic bliss.

#5 Things old and new- To me an interesting home is one that has a collected, worn and personal look. Nothing was purchased at the same store or in the same time period but is a mishmash of treasured and loved items.

When my Grandparents moved back to the States from Jamaica (right before the Cuban Missile Crisis) this Sterling Silver ashtray made the trip. It’s engraved with Liguiana Club, which was a club they used to frequent. While the club no longer exists- the memory of it does in my living room. It makes a good spot for this new candle.

Next to the ashtray is a old black and white photo in a new Lucite frame. The photo is of my Great Grandparents in 1939 relaxing in the Hamptons that summer. This mix of old and new is domestic bliss to me.

#6 Color- I am a color person and complete domestic bliss to me means lots of color. I painted my walls this peacock blue color and I love it more now then the day it went up.