Dear Decorista, I want a peacock blue living room!

I love your blog. My husband and I have just bought our first house. I would like to paint the living room peacock blue and he thinks it should be white (he thinks every room should be white). Can you please post some more photos of this- I think once he sees how good it looks he won’t be afraid of the color.
 Thanks, Cathie!

 The minute I read this email, I knew I had to help the girl out.
Blue walls in the home? Absolutely!!!

(I love all the blue in this room above...the blue zebra fabric is so fun!)
Everybody needs a good blue room.
I am a sucker for blue on the walls. There are so many different shades.
If he can't commit to the entire wall, why not try something like this?
Decorators LOVE blue. For more on blue go here