SIX TO BLISS: the nancy marcus edition

 Who: Nancy Marcus
Where: Vancouver BC (but i wish she lived in LA with me)
What: Aspiring decorator and supremely stylish writer of Marcus Design blog.

(I totally love this girl. We are definitely speaking the same language)

Hello lovely Decorista readers! I'm thrilled and honored that Ashlina has asked me to be part of her fabulous Six to Bliss series, her blog is a daily must-read for me and I adore her sense of style. Thank you Ashlina for allowing me to share my Six to Bliss!

1. Fabulous readings materials
I gain so much inspiration daily from books, magazines and who can forget, lovely blogs! There is something so magical about sitting down with a glossy new book or magazine; not to mention, stacks of books add personality and interest to any design scheme!

1- image via Lonny mag

2. Shades of grey + anything tufted
I swoon for soft and soothing grey walls. Every wall in my house is a shade of grey. Add to the mix a beautiful tufted piece {or two} and I am in heaven. I always say every room could use a little bit of tufted goodness!

1, 2 - images via Windsor Smith

3. Family & friends
My house would not be a home without my wonderful hubby and my sweet little Pomeranian. My family and friends give me so much support and love I feel like I can do anything! The people in my life are what make it rich and meaningful.

4. Accessories galore
Whether it's a colorful pillow or a fabulous pair of earrings, accessories in my home and in my wardrobe add that special touch of blissful glam. I'll always remember these words of wisdom from Ms. Dorothy Draper: β€œIt is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room as it is to wear sport shoes with an evening dress.” Rule of thumb: when in doubt, put on a long necklace and you'll instantly take your outfit up a notch!

1 - image via Anna Spiro, 2 - via Lonny mag

5. Artwork
Creativity is so important to me. I love art, and my favorite hobby is to paint. Bold pieces really make a room sing. Being surrounded by images and paintings that I love is the epitome of domestic bliss!

2 - image via Samantha Pynn, 3 - Marcus Design artwork

6. A little indulgence
Who doesn't have their own form of comfort food?? For me it's sushi, a delightful cup of tea, and some chocolate chip cookies to seal the deal. My sweet tooth is my weakness, I am a sucker for baked goods!

I hope you enjoyed my six to bliss, it was so much fun creating it. A huge thank you to the beautiful Ashlina for having me!