Tablescape tuesday {what to look for at the thrift store}

Love the look of this shabby chic tablescape? 

For mere pennies you can recreate the look...
All you have to do is hit up the local Goodwill or Salvation Army and stock up on these goodies.

Brass candlesticks, You can literally find these everywhere for less than $2. What I suggest doing is getting some spray primer and paint in bright white. Then you can get some light pink long tapered candles to complete the look. (You can change the colors of candle according to your decor...snazzy!)

 It's true, beautiful bright white china is usually out of the budget BUT a saavy decorista can re-create the look of beautiful dinnerware by scouring the thrift stores for mis matched pretty pieces.  The trick is to keep your plates to the same accent color scheme (think golds + pinks, or silver + turquoise), after some time of shopping you will have build yourself lovely collection. It will look like magic on the dinnertable.
Clear mason jars are probably the easiest on the budget and will totally recreate that fishbowl look that elegantly embraces beautiful blooms. They can also serve as hurricanes for tea-lights when flowers aren't and will create a magical mood.
I firmly believe that mismatched flatware in silver is effortless. Literally they come in bundles at your local thrift store or flea market. Choose your favorites and don't worry if they look awkward, their individual beauty will shine through come dinner time.

Don't be afraid of purchasing random breakfast chairs from your local thrift. The more different each chair is the better. The key is to make sure that the chairs are really sturdy and have a strong base. They are unloved little guys who will look brilliant together with two coats of bright white paint and some light sanding. Once they are all finished they will give that perfect shabby chic look.
all images via flickr.