Home Tour: tv host + lifestyle blogger Karen Bertelsen

I am just crazy about bookcases. 
So you can imagine that when I stumbled upon this photo, I took a second look. As I dissected this photo, I couldn't take my eyes off that ridiculously cozy looking chair. Who wouldn't want to sit in that thing for hours? The cowhide rug + silver side table combo left me wanting more.

Style at Home did a full feature on Miss Karen (the art of doing stuff author)and her lovely home. She did it herself and it she did it in under 1 month! I am all about a girl who gets things done!
This woman has totally inspired me, I can spot out plenty of easy-to-achieve looks that I wan't to incorporate into my own home...hope she inspires you too!
I love the dining room! The wood and brick together with gold framed portrait art...gorgeous!
Don't even get me started on this living room. That mirror is my new best friend!