The Art of Living...dinner party goodness

There is nothing this decorista loves more than throwing a good dinner party.
Here are some things to remember when having one yourself...
1. Pick a theme...whether it is just a color scheme or an all out theme, set a signature look + rock it.
2. Create a signature cocktail...and let guests bring the wine or bubbly.
3. Set up appetizers immediately...munching guests = happy guests!
4. Have assigned seating...separate couples and seat boy, girl, boy, girl, always.
5. Smelling good is essential...make sure the guest bathroom is full of super yummy soaps + sprays and candles that smell good are throughout.
6. Keep the music exotic...brazilian, italian, or spanish music in the background edifies the mood.
7. Break out the goods...your best dishes, best silver, use everything you have for anything, like a gorgeous teacup for the salsa or your precious china for the butter + bread.
Don't keep anything beautiful hidden. It makes it that much more pretty of a party.
8. Always over dress...encourage your guests to dress up and look fabulous. Who wants to attend a party with bad fashion?